logo   The mission of the Moshe AHREND INSTITUTE is to develop professional skills of personnel in charge of teaching Jewish subject matters within the French speaking countries.

This goal is achieved by means of

¨ Training of Kodesh teachers

¨ Creating teaching materials

¨ Providing guidance for writing programs for Jewish subject matters and conceiving pedagogical resources for the classImage5

¨ Tutoring headmasters and Pedagogical advisers

Training for Kodesh Teachers is provided   either as a one year program (250 hours) , open to teachers from different schools, or as thematic modules open to several or all teachers within one particular school.   For both approaches, classroom observation by trainers is a key element because it enhances and facilitates passage from theory to practice and – optimizes one-to-one professImage4ional development.

Creating teaching materials is a natural counterpart to the training program. The IMA aims at offering access to pedagogical support, to all teachers, wherever they are and whenever they wish . Hence the project of publishing clear accessible manuals , addressing current issues in the area of Jewish subject matters practice. Furthermore, the IMA website will offer self training modules and essential pedagogical documents.

 The direction team of the Moshé AHREND Institute, is composed of specialists having each at least 20 years of experience as trainers in the field of Jewish subject matters. Their expertise in state of the art learning methods applied to General Studies, allows for harmonious synthesis and a most unique perspective in terms of specific didactics of Kodesh and ‘Hol teaching approaches.

Walking in late Professor Moshé AHREND’s footsteps, the Institute carrying his name aims at promoting Jewish studies that are not limited to knowledge alone. They inspire thinking and searching, thus transmitting to the learner pleasure and desire for tackling the Texts of Jewish tradition, and   looking for answers to questions he has learned to formulate.